Saudi Arabia Headed To War Here Comes $150 Oil

Posted by | 02/09/2016 | News

Saudi Arabia Headed To War Here Comes $150 Oil

Saudi Arabia Headed To War. The country and allies are preparing to invade Syria. A reported 150,000 troops from Sunni Arabic countries have been given orders.

Multiple sources are reporting Saudi Arabia is rallying its troops and fellow allies from Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, Morocco, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar and Turkey. It was also reported Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunel are also stepping in to help.

The invasion which will begin in March will be led by the Saudis and Turks, and will originate in Turkey, according to CNN.

Late last week the US defense boss Ash Carter said he welcomed a Saudi offer to participate in ground operations. Carter is scheduled to meet with the Saudis this week to discuss details of the invasion.

Last week Saudi Brig. Gen. Ahmad Asiri told the United States his country is willing to send troops into Syria. On Friday Saudi officials announced the formation of the Sunni coalition and said military exercises will be held in preparation for an invasion.

Iran was quick to mock the Saudi plan. They were basically saying “I don’t think they dare do so.” Is this a hint of nuclear weapons? Iran has been trying to get their hands on nukes for quite awhile now, and with our inept leader it’s a very good possibility they have accomplished that mission by now.

The Saudi’s are going into this war with one mission, to overthrow Assad.

What This Saudi Mess Means For The Price Of Oil

Saudi Oil may be in trouble. Everybody knows what happens when there is war. The price of oil goes through the roof if all hell breaks loose. A war smack dab in the Middle East will cause chaos with oil prices. There will be oilfield bombings, you can bet on that. What’s one of the top targets when big wars are taking place with oil in the area? Oilfields. What if? What if the Saudi’s oilfield were completely wiped out? What if they no longer had the capability to produce and pump oil? You guessed it, $200 oil. This is a terrible thing to hope for, nobody wants to see war, or maybe there are a few people out there I suppose. This war could very well be the miracle the oilfield is looking for. It’s a terrible way for the industry to rebound. Somethings are unstoppable, so if this war is going to happen we might as well hope for the perfect scenario.

If the Saudi’s lose their oilfields America is going to boom like nobody has ever seen. Companies will be looking for oil workers all over the place. Oil Jobs will once again be a dime a dozen. The global supply will literally be turned upside down overnight. Prices will skyrocket, climbing to levels never seen before. The timing of this couldn’t be any better, even though we don’t wish war on anybody. The oil industry will be on the edge of their seats watching the events unfold. Things may be a changing real fast, for the better.

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