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Texas Sheds Some 60,000 Oil Jobs Amid Downturn

Texas has been hit hard with layoffs in the oil and gas industry, with roughly 60,000 direct oilfield employees losing their jobs and a staggering 250,000 jobs that are linked to oil.

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Breaking News- Crude Oil Jobs

Breaking news out of the Bakken oilfield. An oil company that loads railcars in a tiny little town in North Dakota is forcing its workers to work longer hours with less pay. An emergency meeting was called this week with its workers by an unnamed oilfield company to address financial concerns, a meeting that lead to workers being stripped of their over-time and forced to work longer hours.

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Crude Oil Ends At 3 Week High, Have We Reached Bottom?

The price of oil was bouncing all over the place today, when the dust settled it still ended at their highest level in three weeks.

West Texas Intermediate Crude (CLH6) rose 92 cents, an increase of 2.9% settling at $33.22 a barrel after hitting a high of $34.82 on the day. This is the third straight session of gains, a small indicator the bottom may have been already reached.

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Trican Well Services Sells Its Frac Division

Trican Well Services sells its U.S. Frac Division to Houston based Keane Group for $200 million, or $285 CDN along with a 10% minority stake in Keane.

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