U.S. Oil And Gas Industry Set To Boom! OPEC Is Up Against The Ropes And Ready To Give Up

Last year OPEC waged war on the U.S. Oil and Gas Industry. Tough times were ahead for the oil plays across America. In a moment of greed, OPEC made the call to flood the market with oil in an attempt to bankrupt American Shale Oil companies that had mastered the art of fracking. Their message was strong, as they ramped up production and made crude oil inventories rise to levels unheard of since the 1930’s. Little did they know OPEC’s gamble would be America’s gain. Their plan of attack would be the ultimate reason they are nearly going broke themselves and losing their cartel like stranglehold on the oil  and gas industry.

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Iran Getting In The Way Of Oil Price Recovery

Here’s what you need to know about what’s happening with oil prices today. It’s better to be informed than assume you know what’s going on. Read this so you know why the oil prices are stalling out. Yes we know it’s supply and demand, but there’s also another issue that’s getting in the way.

A quick look at the numbers show the U.S. rig count sitting around 480 active rigs. This is the lowest level since at least 1940. Brent Crude fell on Monday 3.5 percent to $38.82 while the U.S. oil benchmark West Texas Intermediate was down 4.5 percent to $36.82 a barrel.

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Facebook is now censoring Facebook pages. Just recently Facebook attempted to remove the page FrackNation for simply stating facts about Fracking. After Facebook received several false complaints from anti-oil activists it shut down the page completely. Censorship in America, brought to you now by Facebook.

FrackNation runs a page on Facebook, it’s a fanpage from their documentary movie FrackNation. FrackNation was directed by Phelim McAleer, Ann McElhinney and Magdalena Segieda. The documentary FrackNation covers Fracking, the process that oil companies use to extract oil from the ground. Recently, filmmaker Phelim McAleer from FrackNation has been covering a controversial trial related to fracking.

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Read Before You Vote Anti Oil Hillary Wants Your Job

Read This Before You Vote! This Is A Serious Issue That Will Affect Every Oilfield Employee And Their Family. Make Sure You Share This With Every Single Person You Know That Is Employed In The Oil And Gas Industry. If You’re A Member Of A Facebook Group, Or Have Connections With Facebook Pages That Are Related To The Oilfield, YOU MUST SHARE IT WITH THEM SO THEY CAN SEE THIS AND SPREAD THE WARNING! Your Job, Your Friends Jobs, Your Family’s Future Depends On The Outcome Of This. Make Sure Everybody Reads This, We Cannot Stress How Important This Message Is.

As you all know, Hillary Clinton is gunning for the White House. The Clinton campaign pulled off a narrow victory over Bernie Sanders Monday night in the Iowa Caucus, a margin so slim the race couldn’t officially be called until early Tuesday. The focus now turns to New Hampshire when the next round of voting will take place on February 9th, 2016. Before there’s any more voting, there’s a little bit of an issue that should be discussed.

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Aubrey Mclendon

Photo Courtesy Of The AP

It’s a storyline right out of the movies in the making. Just 1 day after Aubrey Mclendon was indicted by the DOJ for conspiring with another oil and gas company to rig bids for prospective acreage in Oklahoma, he winds up dead. The indictment alleged that Aubrey Mclendon orchestrated a conspiracy whereby Chesapeake and another unnamed company agreed not to bid against each other for acreage, in exchange for each company giving the other a JV interest in the prospects acquired. Was this really an accident?

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