Obama Shaking Down Oil Companies By Imposing A Massive New Tax

Posted by | 02/04/2016 | News

Obama Shaking Down Oil Companies By Imposing Massive New Tax

President Obama Wages War On Oil and Gas Industry

President Obama has proposed a massive new tax on oil companies. His plan is to tax them $10 a barrel, which right now equals 33% of the total price of a barrel. Talk about kicking an industry when it’s down. His slap to the face tax plan (shakedown) will be phased in over 5 years, to pay for several transportation initiatives which includes new rail corridors, highway projects, pilot projects for self driving cars and other technologies it said fall under his exorbitant green energy vision for America.

Details Of The Obama Shakedown

Late Thursday the White House announced the budget that will be proposed (and rightfully shot down) to Congress next week would include an “oil fee” that would raise “the funding necessary to make these new investments, while also providing for the long-term solvency of the Highway Trust Fund to ensure we maintain the infrastructure we have.”

“Once again, the president expects hard-working consumers to pay for his out of touch climate agenda,” House Speaker Paul Ryan said in a statement. He said it was “little more than an election-year distraction” and that it would be “dead on arrival in Congress.”

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) said in an email “this is a backdoor gas tax hike and it’ll be hard-working American families that will have to foot the bill every time they go to the pump.”

How can Obama propose something like this at such a desperate time for oil companies? Does he not understand the hatred that will come from the oil patch once word of this gets around? You have oilfield workers and their families suffering right now, and obama wants to kick them while they are down. Share this post and help get the word out about Obama Shaking Down Oil Companies By Imposing A Massive New Tax on oil companies.

President Obama is basically waging war on the oil and gas industry. He knows what the current situation is within the industry. He sees this as his chance to put the nail in the coffin and try and force his Green Energy Scams on the American people. He’s probably drafting up his next big Solyndra scam at the moment. In a time like this he should be doing all he can to help the industry, not further destroy it. This is just one more way for him to destroy America. He has proven he will stop at nothing, until we all have nothing. You should be ashamed of yourself if you voted for this guy.